Open Shows

Open Shows and Parades are excellent training ground for young dogs, giving them show experience. The club holds two open shows each year and sometimes in conjunction with our fun days. If you are new to the show ring Open Shows are a great way to learn what showing is all about, if you are unsure of anything or have any questions just ask for some help, remember everyone else was new once.

If you have a golden or are interested in finding out more about the breed come along to our Fun days, Open shows or Champ shows and visit with all the Golden Retrievers, Breeders and owners !

Champions can compete in Open Shows, but cannot compete in Parades.

The Club's first official event was a Parade, held in January 1972. In 1988 the first two Open Shows were held and since then this annual tradition has continued. The first Neuter class was held in 2002. Results will be published on this site after each show.

***The judges at an Open Show are trainees***

***There are NO challenge points awarded***

2015 Open Show Results

2015 Parade with Champion Sweeptstakes

2012 Open Show

2011 Open Show

2010 Open Show

2009 Open Show

2007 Open Show

2006 Open Show



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