2015 GRCSA Pink Lady Championship Show (PDF)

2015 GRCSA Pink Lady Championship Show Critique (Word Document)

The Golden Retriever Club of South Australia Inc., decided to hold 2 Championship Shows during 2015 and to have them as “back to back” shows, thereby hopefully increasing the number of entrants in each show. It was decided at committee level that due to several of our members having been affected by Breast Cancer that the 2nd show would be a fundraiser with part of the proceeds being donated to Breast Cancer Network Australia – hence the name Pink Lady Show. Participants were encouraged to wear pink to show their support for women and men suffering from Breast Cancer. Mrs Kirsten Price from New Zealand was contracted as our judge. It was Kirsten’s first appointment as a Golden Retriever Judge outside of New Zealand.

Baby Puppy Dog 1 Owner Baby Puppy Bitch 2 Owner
Fernfall A Perfect Storm       Ms J Fall Goldshyne Pitch Perfect Goldshyne Kennels **
    Boolaroo Elenora Ann Wallis
Minor Puppy Dog 1   Minor Puppy Bitch 4/2  
Chaleur Paparazzi Mrs R Thompson ** Chaleur Pollyanna Mrs R Thompson **
    Chaleur Primadonna (AI) Ms J Fall
Puppy Dog 1   Puppy Bitch 1  
Chaleur Picasso (AI) Mrs R Thompson Askaval Afterglow (AI) Mrs R Thompson **
Junior Dog 3   Junior Bitch 0/1  
Fantango To the Moon and Back Paul Middleton & Janelle Salvestrin **    
Goldshyne Cover Story Parkridge Kennels    
Bournbeau My Jasperson Angus IB Reimann & PJ Reimann    

Intermediate Dog 3

  Intermediate Bitch 5  
Goldstreem Abracadabra A & N Kelton Goldlake Springtime Story Janette Grierson **
Fernfall Time Traveller Christine Pulis Ch Chaleur Naughty But Nice Mrs R Thompson
Goldmartini Hells Full So Im Back Mrs Belinda LA Johns Fernfall Dream Keeper Jane Fall

Graduate Dog 1

  Graduate Bitch 2  
Boolaroo Basil Brush Ann Wallis Fantango Santa Monica Mrs S Kain **
    Boolaroo Broom Hilda Ann Wallis
Limit Dog 1   Limit Bitch 5  
Boolaroo Macindoe Bruce (AI) Ann Wallis Chaleur Madam Butterfly Mrs R Thompson **
    Kiriel Heart of Gold Ms EA Mitchell
    Calendula The Cleaning Lady (AI) Ann Wallis
State Bred Dog 2   State Bred Bitch 2  
Chaleur Maximilian Mrs R Thompson ** Ch Haydengold One Step Ahead Catherine Williams
Ch Haydengold High Hopes Catherine Williams Ch Boolaroo Betty Boop Ann Wallis
Australian Bred Dog 7   Australian Bred Bitch 1/1  
Ch Chaleur Hilfiger Mrs R Thompson ** Ch Fantango Stack the Deck Paul Middleton & Janelle Salvestrin
Fantango Playing for Keeps (AI) Goldshyne Kennels    
Ch Fernfall Neverending Story Kirsten Adams    
Open Dog 6/1   Open Bitch 3/1  
Ch Fantango Playing the Game (AI) Paul Middleton & Janelle Salvestrin Ch Chaleur Hubba Bubba Mrs R Thompson**
Ch Naragold Paradiso Ms Emma Clarke Ch Fantango Playing the Field Paul Middleton & Janelle Salvestrin
Fernfall Daydreambeliever Ms J Fall Ch Bournbeau Beguiled By the Moon NRD HTMS FSI Margaret Bourn
Veteran Dog 2   Veteran Bitch 2/1  
Sup Ch Chaleur Valentino Mrs R Thompson Ch Naragold Angelica Ms Emma Clark **
    Open Neuter Bitch 2  
    Aurumgold Dixie Chick Karenne Wood **
    Dykinta Carita Graham & Carol Daffern
Challenge Dog Ch Chaleur Hilfiger Challenge Bitch Ch Fantango Stack the Deck
Reserve Challenge Dog Ch Fantango Playing the Game (AI) Reserve Challenge Bitch Ch Naragold Angelica
BEST IN SHOW – Ch Chaleur Hilfiger
RUNNER UP BEST & OPPOSITE IN SHOW – Ch Fantango Stack the Deck